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Man tied to shooting of Yemeni workers sentenced to death

SAN’A, Yemen (BP)–An Islamic extremist was sentenced to death Sept. 14 for assassinating a politician and coordinating the shootings of three Southern Baptist hospital workers, according to the Associated Press.

Ali al-Jarallah was sentenced to death for planning the attack on a hospital in Jibla, Yemen, that resulted in the deaths of three Southern Baptist medical workers. His sentence includes the assassination of Yemeni Socialist Party deputy Secretary-General Jarallah Omar, who was shot days prior to the attack on the hospital.

Al-Jarallah is the second person this year to be sentenced to death for the hospital attack. In July, Abed Abdul Razak Kamel was sentenced to death for shooting the three Baptist workers.

Last December Kamel walked into the hospital and shot and killed hospital director William Koehn, physician Martha Myers and purchasing agent Kathleen Gariety. A fourth worker, pharmacist Don Caswell, was wounded.

Kamel said he killed the hospital workers in part because he believed they were proselytizing Muslims. Jibla residents have said the hospital workers never proselytized, which is prohibited by law in Yemen.

Kamel and Al-Jarallah may have ties to al-Qaeda, Yemeni security officials said, according to AP, which reported that police found audiotapes of Osama bin Laden in Kamel’s house.

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