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MARRIAGE DIGEST: Delegates at DNC supported ‘gay marriage’

EDITORS’ NOTE: Baptist Press will not distribute the Marriage Digest Aug. 6 but will resume publishing this weekly feature Aug. 13.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The percentage of Democratic National Convention delegates who supported same-sex “marriage” may have been much higher than previously thought.

A Boston Globe poll July 26 reported that 62 percent of delegates supported same-sex “marriage” and only 19 percent opposed it.

The Globe poll differed from an Associated Press poll released days before the DNC that showed 41 percent of delegates as supporting same-sex “marriage,” while 21 percent opposed it. But 38 percent of delegates in the AP poll either refused to answer the question or said their answer wasn’t defined so easily.

The Boston Globe’s poll was released the first day of the convention. The poll of 400 delegates was conducted July 16-21.

Both polls run counter to national polls showing that Americans oppose same-sex “marriage” by a 2-to-1 margin. A July Gallup poll had opposition at 62 percent.

Not surprisingly, the Boston Globe poll also showed that delegates opposed constitutional marriage amendments on both the federal and state level.

By a margin of 89-4 percent, delegates opposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Delegates opposed a marriage amendment to their home state’s constitution by a margin of 83-8 percent.

Nationally, most polls show that a majority of Americans favor a marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A CBS News poll this year had support at 60 percent.

Homosexual activists are praising the Democratic ticket of John Kerry and John Edwards. Dave Noble, executive director of the National Stonewall Democrats, called Kerry/Edwards the “most pro-gay” ticket in the history of presidential politics.

Both Kerry and Edwards oppose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would protect the traditional definition of marriage.

TRANSEXUALS CAN’T MARRY — “Transsexuals” — people who have sex-change operations — cannot acquire a marriage license as their “new sex,” a Florida state appeals court ruled July 23.

The case involves Michael Kantaras, who had a sex-change operation in the late 1980s to change from a woman to a man. Kantaras then married a woman, and after the woman became a Christian, Kantaras filed for divorce, according to lawyers. Kantaras still has female genitalia.

The court ruled that the marriage never took place. Previously, a lower court had granted a divorce.

“[We] must adhere to the common meaning of the statutory terms and invalidate any marriage that is not between persons of the opposite sex determined by their biological sex at birth,” the court ruled. “Therefore, we hold that the marriage in this case is void ab initio.”

‘GAY’ NETWORK TO LAUNCH — A Viacom-owned television network aimed at homosexuals is scheduled to launch Feb. 17 next year. Viacom-owned MTV/VH1 Entertainment is playing a large role in the launch of the network, dubbed “Logo.”

The Associated Press reported that the network will feature shows by singer Cher and comedian Margaret Cho. Also, the network will have reality programs featuring couples who are preparing for “marriage.”

TROUBLE IN OHIO? — The push in Ohio to place a constitutional marriage amendment on the ballot may hit a snag. While Phil Burress, chairman of the Ohio Campaign to Protect Marriage, says be believes enough signatures will be gathered, he fears that challenges in court will prevent it from making the November ballot.

Opponents of the amendment could file court challenges and basically run out the clock, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported July 27.

“The deeper we dig into this thing, the more concerned I am about this anti-democracy campaign on the other side,” Burress told the newspaper. “It’s a very sad, dark day in Ohio when the process is not allowed to work.”

Signatures must be turned in to the secretary of state’s office by Aug. 4 and then must be validated.

ENOUGH IN N.D. — Pro-family groups in North Dakota appear to have succeeded in attaining enough signatures to place a state constitutional marriage amendment on the November ballot.

Christina Kindel, director of the North Dakota Family Alliance, told the Associated Press that more than 38,000 signatures have been gathered — much more than the 25,000 were needed.

The signatures must be submitted to the secretary of state’s office by Aug. 3, and then must be validated.

FRENCH ‘MARRIAGE’ ANNULLED — A French court annulled a high-profile same-sex “marriage” July 27, saying that a “marriage” between two homosexual men wasn’t valid, Reuters reported.

The French government had suspended the mayor who performed the “wedding.” The men say they’ll appeal the ruling.
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