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Mass. court extends time frame for homosexual ‘marriage’ ruling

BOSTON (BP)–The Massachusetts high court did not issue a ruling on homosexual “marriage” July 14 as many expected, although a ruling could be handed down any day.

The Supreme Judicial Court let pass a non-binding internal deadline in which it normally issues rulings within 130 days of oral arguments, according to the Associated Press. In early March the court heard arguments from seven homosexual couples seeking the right to “marry.”

“[The deadline] can be waived in cases in which the justices need more time,” Supreme Judicial Court spokeswoman Joan Kenney told AP. “It could be days or weeks or months.”

She added that there is no guarantee that the court will rule on the matter before its next term begins in September.

Social conservatives fear that the court will rule for the plaintiffs, giving homosexuals the right to “marry” in Massachusetts and setting off an explosive national debate.

Some social conservatives — such as Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission — support the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would add language to the U.S. Constitution that marriage is only between one man and one woman. Other conservatives, meanwhile, contend the amendment doesn’t go far enough and should ban homosexual “civil unions” like the ones in Vermont. Land has said that such an amendment would not be able to gain broad support.

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