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Memorial for the Unbornoffers a place of healing

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (BP)–The National Memorial for the Unborn is”as significant as the Vietnam Memorial,” said pro-life activist CarolEverett, a former abortion clinic owner.
The memorial, opened in 1994 in a former abortion clinic inChattanooga, Tenn., describes itself as “a Christian ministry of healingdevoted to the sanctity of human life and the memory of abortedchildren.”
“The National Memorial for the Unborn gives women who lostchildren to abortion a place to mourn,” said Everett, who underwent anabortion in 1973. “I’m pleased to be able to have a plaque for mychild.”
Everett, a member of the memorial’s national advisory board, wasin the abortion industry from 1977 until her conversion to Christianityin 1983. She is the founder of Life Network, a pro-life organizationbased in Dallas.
The National Memorial for the Unborn is regarded as the firstnational location dedicated to healing the pain associated with the lossof aborted children. Mothers, fathers and families who have lostchildren to abortion can place a brass nameplate on the memorial’s “Wallof Names.” Plates may include the name of a child, a special message orScripture reference and a date.
Typical of the plaques at the memorial are these:
Amy Lauren Krueger
December 1980
A Part of Me Died Too
My Babies
I Miss You Both — I’m Sorry
Baby Smith
If We Had Known
To My Lost Baby
September 1980
Forgive Me My Trespass
Harris Baby
I’ll Hold You In Heaven
The memorial may be contacted at 1-800-505-5565. The donation fora memorial to an aborted child is left up to each individual.
The abortion clinic in which the memorial now is located performedan estimated 35,000-plus abortions during its 18 years as a clinic. Alsoin the building now is a crisis pregnancy center, AAA Women’s Services.
In addition to Everett, members of the memorial’s advisory boardare Mary Cunningham Agee, founder and president, The Nurturing Network;
Judie Brown, president, American Life League; Paige Cunningham,president, Americans United for Life; author-lecturer George Grant;theologian Jay Grinstead; D. James Kennedy, senior minister, Coral RidgePresbyterian Church; and R.C. Sproul, chairman and president of LigonierMinistries.