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Military-related women encouraged at simulcast Bible study

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (BP)–Women on active duty in the military and those who are married to men on active duty face pressures civilians can’t begin to comprehend. That’s why the women’s events area of LifeWay Christian Resources wanted to make a special effort to reach out to them.

“Every year we pray about who in particular we want to reach,” said Amy Wiman, special events coordinator in LifeWay’s women’s events area. “This year we just felt especially impressed to reach out to our military-related women.”

Part of that outreach included encouraging the 165 churches that signed on as simulcast locations for the May 14-15 Living Proof … Live event with Beth Moore to offer special invitations to military-related women in their areas.

LifeWay was able to work with the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) to set up simulcast locations on five military installations.

“Because of all the security and red tape, it would have been almost impossible to have a presence on the military installations without the help of the PWOC,” Wiman said. “We are so grateful to them for their help.”

Wiman also said First Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tenn., offered the women’s events area some helpful suggestions for ministering to women associated with the military.

“First Baptist, Clarksville, has a wonderful ministry related to [the] Fort Campbell [Army post]. They were great. We were able to pass on some of their tips to other simulcast sites,” she said.

About 43,000 women took part in the simulcast event, and nearly 80 simulcast locations were able to reach out to the focus group, she said.

“These women are under so much pressure right now,” Wiman said. “We want them to know we love and appreciate them. We want to encourage them. We wanted this simulcast event to just give them a day off from their worry.”
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