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Missions, evangelism opportunities abound for Southern Baptist youth

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–Here are just a few of the missions and evangelism-related opportunities available to Southern Baptist youth.

Volunteer Missions Experiences:

* Frontliners — A four-day program in which several hundred youth from across the country participate with a local church in evangelism and evangelism training .

* Student Mission Groups — The North American Mission Board (NAMB) helps coordinate needs of missionaries with youth groups seeking a volunteer missions experiences

* World Changers — A NAMB-coordinated pre-packaged missions experience in which students rehabilitate substandard housing and participate in ministry projects.

* Sojourners — Summer missions experiences for high school students sponsored by NAMB.

* Summer and Semester Missions — Intermediate-term missions experiences for college-age students sponsored by the North American Mission Board.

* US/C-2 — Two-year commitments to missions service in the United States and Canada.

* Students on Mission — Overseas assignments of two-10 weeks coordinated by the International Mission Board (IMB).

* Journeyman — Two- year commitments to missions service sponsored by the IMB.

* M-Fuge — Christian youth camp that includes personal ministry opportunities. Sponsored by LifeWay Christian Services.

* M-Fuge International — Camp providing hands-on opportunities for youth to fulfill strategic requests coming from missionaries. Sponsored by IMB.

* Crosspoint — Christian sports camps and sports ministry training experiences sponsored by LifeWay Christian Services.

* Acteen Activators — The volunteer program for Acteens, the missions education organization for girls in grades 7-12 sponsored by Woman’s Missionary Union. Other youth groups are matched with ministry needs by the organization’s Volunteer Connection program.

Campus Evangelism:

* FiSH! — A strategy for local churches to resource students who lead evangelistically focused Christian clubs on public school campuses. FiSH! is a ministry of Campus Revolution in cooperation with NAMB.

* Campus Missionaries — Churches commission students to serve in the mission field of their public schools.

* Time 2 Tell — Students are encouraged to take seven days each spring to seek out non-Christians and provide them with an opportunity to respond to the gospel.

For more information on these and other opportunities, visit www.studentz.com (NAMB), www.thetask.org (IMB), www.youthscape.com (LifeWay) or www.wmu.org (WMU).

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