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MK takes spiritual light into schoolmates’ dark world

GRANTOWN-ON-SPEY, Scotland (BP)–Thirteen-year-old Becca Baker is a missionary. Living in Scotland with her parents, International Mission Board missionaries Mark and Rozanne Baker, Becca herself is a light in her peers’ darkness.
Becca probably is the only Christian student in a school of about 350 kids who live in the Spey River valley in Scotland’s northern Highlands. She is surrounded daily by classmates involved in drugs, liquor, smoking, sexual activity, lying, cheating, stealing, foul language, Ouija boards and witchcraft.
The good news? Last year, Becca’s English class gave “solo talks.” Becca chose to speak about being a missionary and the meaning of salvation. She shared Scripture and a handout with the plan of salvation — including a sinner’s prayer — with each classmate.
“Her teacher, a Catholic whom she has witnessed to before, told Becca it was the best sermon she’d ever heard from any priest or minister,” Rozanne Baker said. “Class members followed her around the rest of the day asking more questions about heaven and hell, not quite convinced that their goodness wasn’t enough.”
Soon, young people from other classes began asking questions, too. “They ask questions I don’t expect and I don’t know all the answers!” Becca said in her family devotions one night. “There are so many of them.”
Even as they began a new school year, classmates continued to ask Becca questions. Recently a student she didn’t even know made a comment to her in a hallway. And at a recent slumber party she talked with a girl about spiritual matters into the early morning hours.
“None have expressed a desire to know Christ yet, though they show a continued interest,” Becca’s mother said. “It’s like they’re just waking up to the uncomfortable fact that there is an eternity and, for the most part, trying to deny it.”
Becca told her parents it is great to have the opportunity to witness. “Her daddy and I are proud of, and even a bit astounded by, her matter-of-fact, strong testimony and the effect it has brought upon so many kids,” her mother said. “We feel that obviously one of the reasons God called us to Grantown was that he wanted to reach out through Becca to the secondary school here.
“Grantown is most definitely one of Satan’s strongholds. We have been awakened to the meaning of ‘lost’ more than ever before and the responsibility of being ‘salt’ and ‘light.’ God has been opening doors, and hearts.”

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