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Music makers (photo only)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Anita Bice, Literary Design Editor of Music Time and Music Makers stands behind her class.

Anita came to LifeWay in September 1999, from the First Southern Baptist Church in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where she served as minister of music, and Hawaii Baptist Academy, where she was music teacher.

Children featured are four- and five-year-old children from Nashville-area churches (left to right–front row: Nicole Patton, Rebekah Webster; 2nd row: Josh Bates, Uriah Solis (Anita Bice, teacher, is pictured between Josh and Uriah).

Particular videotape being filmed: Music Time, which is a family of church music education materials for teachers of children ages four and five. For further information, contact Rhonda Buescher at 615-251-5773. (BP) photo by Morris Abernathy. This is a stand alone photo.

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