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N.C.’s Taylor only Southern Baptist in Congress to lose

WASHINGTON (BP)–An eight-term member of the House of Representatives was the sole Southern Baptist in Congress to lose in voting Nov. 7.

Rep. Charles Taylor, R.-N.C., lost to Democrat challenger Heath Shuler, a former standout quarterback at the University of Tennessee, in his bid to continue representing the western North Carolina district. Shuler, who grew up in the district, defeated Taylor with 54 percent of the vote.

Shuler also is a member of a Southern Baptist church, Biltmore Baptist Church in Arden, N.C.

There were no Southern Baptist members of the Senate seeking re-election this year.

Following is a list, as obtained by Baptist Press, of the ballot results for members of Southern Baptist churches who sought re-election to the House of Representatives. (The vote totals are from the website of CNN as of 11 a.m. Eastern time Nov. 9. The number of precincts reporting varied from 92 to 100 percent.)


Rep. Terry Everett, Republican, Second District, seeking eighth term, First Baptist Church (hereafter, Baptist Church will be abbreviated BC), Enterprise, defeated Chuck James, Democrat, 124,212-54,398, 70-30 percent.

Rep. Spencer Bachus, R. Sixth District, seeking eighth term, Hunter Street BC, Hoover, won without opposition.


Rep. Trent Franks, R., Second District, seeking third term, North Phoenix BC, Phoenix, defeated John Thrasher, D., and Powell Gammill, Libertarian, 97,100-65,490-4,280, 58-39-3 percent.


Rep. John Boozman, R., Third District, seeking third full term, First BC, Rogers, defeated Woodrow Anderson, D., 120,331-73,017, 62-38 percent.


Nathan Deal, R., Ninth District, seeking eighth term, First BC, Gainesville, defeated John Bradbury, D., 126,374-38,328, 77-23 percent.


Rep. Ron Lewis, R., Second District, seeking eighth term, White Mills BC, White Mills, defeated Mike Weaver, D., 117,424-94,191, 55-45 percent.

Rep. Harold Rogers, R., Fifth District, seeking 14th term, First BC, Somerset, defeated Kenneth Stepp, D., 147,426-52,399, 74-26 percent.


Rep. Rodney Alexander, R., Fifth District, seeking third term, Sweetwater BC, Quitman, defeated Gloria Hearn, D.; Brent Sanders, L., and John Watts, Constitution, 78,835-33,466-1,887-1,266, 68-29-2-1 percent.


Rep. Steny Hoyer, D., Fifth District, seeking 14th term, Broadview BC, Temple Hills, defeated Steve Warner, Green, 144,138-28,517, 83-17 percent.


Rep. Roger Wicker, R., First District, seeking seventh term, First BC, Tupelo, defeated Ken Hart, D., 92,421-47,559, 66-34 percent.

Rep. Charles (Chip) Pickering, R., Third District, seeking sixth term, First BC, Laurel, defeated Jim Giles, Independent, and Lamonica Magee, Reform, 121,859-25,317-9,760, 78-16-6 percent.


Rep. Sam Graves, R., Sixth District, seeking fourth term, First BC, Tarkio, defeated Sara Jo Shettles, D.; Erik Buck, L., and Shirley Yurkonis, Progressive, 148,746-86,282-4,697-1,663, 61-36-2-1 percent.

Rep. Roy Blunt, R., Seventh District, seeking sixth term, First BC, Branson, defeated Jack Truman, D., and Kevin Craig, L., 160,911-72,573-7,565, 67-30-3 percent.

New Mexico:

Rep. Steve Pearce, R., Second District, seeking third term, Taylor Memorial BC, Hobbs, defeated Albert Kissling, D., 90,169-60,496, 60-40 percent.

North Carolina:

Heath Shuler, D., defeated Rep. Charles Taylor, R., 11th District, seeking ninth term, First BC, Brevard, 123,986-106,651, 54-46 percent.


Rep. Frank Lucas, R., Third District, seeking eighth term, First BC, Cheyenne, defeated Sue Barton, D., 128,021-61,740, 67-33 percent.

South Carolina:

Rep. Henry Brown, R., First District, seeking fourth term, Cooper River BC, North Charleston, defeated Randy Maata, D., and James Dunn, G., 114,296-71,847-4,236, 60-38-2 percent.

Rep. Gresham Barrett, R., Third District, seeking third term, Westminster BC, Westminster, defeated Lee Ballenger, D., 111,007-65,426, 63-37 percent.


Rep. Zach Wamp, R., Third District, seeking seventh term, Red Bank BC, Chattanooga, defeated Brent Benedict, D., 130,770-68,305, 66-34 percent.

Rep. Lincoln Davis, D., Fourth District, seeking third term, Byrdstown First BC, Byrdstown, defeated Ken Martin, R., 123,418-62,386, 66-34 percent.


Rep. Louie Gohmert, R., First District, seeking second term, Green Acres BC, Tyler, defeated Roger Owen, D., and Donald Perkison, L., 104,080-46,290-2,667, 68-30-2 percent.

Rep. Mike Conaway, R., 11th District, seeking second term, First BC, Midland, won without opposition.

Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R., 19th District, seeking third term, First BC, Lubbock, defeated Robert Ricketts, D., and Fred Jones, L., 92,811-40,853-3,300, 68-30-2 percent.


Rep. Randy Forbes, R., Fourth District, seeking fourth term, Great Bridge BC, Chesapeake, defeated Albert Burckard, Independent Green, 149,692-46,344, 76-24 percent.

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