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NAMB video series earns 3 Telly Awards

ALPHARETTA, Ga., (BP)–The North American Mission Board’s electronic media team has won three Telly Awards for its “E-ssentials for the On Mission Church” video series.

The Telly Awards recognize outstanding non-network and cable commercials as well as film and video productions. Awards are presented for two levels of excellence, the Silver “winner” award and the Bronze “finalist.”

E-ssentials is a bimonthly series of video clips designed for use in sermons, Bible studies or worship services by pastors, teachers and worship leaders. In its fifth year, the series has 2,000 subscribers and is available on DVD, CD-ROM, and VHS videotape.

Three E-ssentials segments receiving the Bronze Telly awards are: “Who Is The Real Jesus?” “Wreck of the Lady Elgin;” and “You Are The Ones.”

“Who Is The Real Jesus?” edited by Roger Mahr, features NAMB graphic designer Mary Moore’s depiction of Jesus Christ on the cross and includes orchestral and choral music. The video clip is a little more than a minute in length.

“Wreck of the Lady Elgin,” produced by Tony Hudson and edited by Mahr, features a dramatization of a testimonial by Edward Spencer, a college student who was paralyzed as a result of saving 17 people from drowning in Lake Michigan after two ships collided. None of the survivors ever thanked Spencer. The piece is about three minutes in length.

“You Are The Ones,” produced by Cheryl Collins and edited by Mahr and Collins, is a three-minute music video to the song by the same title as performed by the Kuhlmann Sisters. The video features a blend of images from the war in Iraq as well as many other wars in our nation’s history. The song, “You Are The Ones,” expresses thanks and honor for those who have fought and died for America’s freedom across the centuries.

More than 10,000 entries were submitted to 26th annual Telly Awards competition by production companies such as ABCNEWS.com, Discovery Kids, ESPN, Fox Sports, Miramax Films, The History Channel, Time Warner Cable, MSNBC, Microsoft Corporation, NASA Television, Xerox Corporation and many more.

For more information on E-ssentials, visit www.namb.net/essentials.

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