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NBC pulls plug on controversial ‘God, the Devil and Bob’ sitcom

HOLLYWOOD (BP)–NBC has canceled “God, the Devil and Bob,” a controversial animated comedy that featured a beer-swilling version of the deity. The series had come under fire from several religious groups, including Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association.

NBC cited a poor showing in the Nielson ratings as the reason for terminating the show. By March 30, 22 NBC affiliates had refused to run the program. Those stations represented 5 percent of the country’s viewing audience.

The showed earned a 4.4 ratings share, NBC’s lowest rating ever in the slot with regular programming, according to a report from CNN. A spokesman for NBC said the network will not run the nine remaining episodes of “God, the Devil and Bob.” For now, NBC will fill the slot with repeats of “Just Shoot Me” and “Frasier.”

Apparently, viewers weren’t the only one’s turned off by the show’s irreverence toward God. CNN reported that NBC had problems selling ad inventory on the show, filling the ad slots with promotional spots for other network shows.

The local affiliate boycott began with the NBC station in Salt Lake City, which claimed the show was “not very funny.” Other stations refused to air the program because of its content.

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