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Nearly 1,000 made Crossover decisions

SAN ANTONIO (BP)–When thousands of Southern Baptists leave San Antonio after their annual meeting, they will leave more than a temporary impact on the local economy –- but also a spiritual impact that leaves lives changed and local churches energized with a renewed focus to impact their communities with the Gospel.

Southern Baptist evangelistic events in San Antonio drew 6,913 people from throughout the host city, touching a total of 2,493 homes, according to organizers of the annual Crossover evangelistic outreach. Of those who heard Gospel presentations, 959 made first-time decisions for Christ.

The outreach preceding the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting included block parties, cultural celebrations, medical clinics, sports events, free bottled water distribution and door-to-door evangelistic visits.

“Behind every one of those numbers is a real person,” Gary Hollingsworth reported during the opening session of the SBC annual meeting June 12.

“Statistics are exciting, but stories are even better,” said Hollingsworth, who heads the cultural evangelism division at the North American Mission Board.

With that, Hollingsworth proceeded to describe several stories of San Antonio residents who gave their lives to Christ during this year’s Crossover effort.

“One man painting his house was asked if he knew for sure he would go to heaven if he died. ‘I don’t,’ he replied, ‘but I’ve been thinking about it.’ The team led him to Christ,” Hollingsworth recounted.

Hollingsworth related a story of another group of five people who had relocated to San Antonio after Hurricane Katrina. They were approached during Crossover and given a Gospel tract after saying they weren’t interested. The next day, another Crossover team approached them.

Although saying they hadn’t been interested the day before, the power of God’s Word in the booklet stirred all five to receive Christ.

Hollingsworth also told of an older couple who were searching for a place to live in San Antonio so they could be closer to needed medical care. Members of an ICE team — Intentional Community Evangelism — asked if they were sure about going to heaven when they died.

“We’re not,” they said, but they acknowledged they had been “thinking about it for awhile.” The couple asked Christ into their lives and the lady later asked: “What are the chances of someone from Atlanta meeting a couple from Adkins, Texas, and leading them to Jesus in San Antonio?”

Crossover is coordinated each year by local churches, associations, state conventions and the North American Mission Board.

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