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New minister of education gains insights in Ridgecrest sessions

RIDGECREST, N.C. (BP)–On his first trip to LifeWay Ridgecreset Conference Center, Tim Summers gained insights he plans to incorporate into his role as minister of education at First Baptist Church, Barnwell, S.C.

Summers, who has been on the job at his church just three months, attended the July 16-20 Sunday School Leadership Development Event at the LifeWay conference center in North Carolina.

“I really wanted to come to Sunday School Week to see what I could learn and how I could put those lessons into practice,” Summers recounted.

“I’ve picked up several tidbits and identified a lot of resources and strategies this week,” he continued. “It was wonderful to be able to meet with other ministers of education and just share ideas and meet people.”

Before coming to Ridgecrest, Summers had already decided that he needed to focus on discipleship as a major part of his ministry.

“I’ve known that we needed to develop an intentional and comprehensive discipleship program,” he said. “This week, I’ve really been learning what role Sunday school plays in building that.

“I’ve also identified some resources to use for both discipleship and other ministries. The LifeWay store here was so beneficial, and everything was laid out in a manner that I could find things easily,” he said.

Summers also said the conference helped him better understand the demographics of Sunday school and the breakdown into areas of senior adults, young adults and single adults.

“I’ve decided to explore single adults ministry,” Summers said. “I don’t know if we even really have a singles group, but I do feel that it is a valid ministry that needs to be explored for our church.”

Summers said he was particularly impressed with Bill Taylor’s discussion on the redirection of the LifeWay Church Resources division. Taylor is director of the Sunday school group at LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“I left that meeting actually looking forward to seeing the redirection become a reality,” said.

“I met so many people here this week who I feel will be such an asset to me in the future,” said Summers. “I’ve gained ideas, resources, and contacts, and I plan on bringing many of my staff members here next year,” Summers said.

The National Sunday School Leadership Event was sponsored by LifeWay.

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