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No band, no problem

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (BP)–Most youth ministries aren’t blessed with a professional-quality worship band willing to commit to a weekly service on a youth ministry budget. So one middle school youth minister has some ideas.

Alternative methods for creating an effective multi-sensory youth worship experience, as recapped by Paul Teller of Clearview Baptist Church in Franklin, Tenn., include:

— Always look for ways to incorporate music with visual images.

— Incorporate products like “Fuel,” from LifeWay Christian Resources, that have prepackaged multisensory messages.

— Play a worship CD as background during Scripture readings.

— Use projection screens whenever possible.

— Play music quietly during prayer times.

— Be concerned with quality control. Unprofessional music and multimedia components can be more of a distraction than enhancement.

— Engage as many senses as possible. Consider whether scent or taste are applicable to the lesson in addition to the obvious sight and sound elements.

— Create a focus group of students who can offer opinions and ideas to help you stay in touch with the youth group as a whole.

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