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Nominees for president invited to interviews with Baptist Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The four leading presidential candidates have been invited to participate in a series of Baptist Press interviews on their personal faith and on issues of faith and family and the influence of faith on public policy.

Republican candidate George W. Bush was the first to accept the invitation, and his interview will be published during the week of Sept. 12. The Texas governor spoke with Will Hall, vice president for convention news with the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, Aug. 31 in Louisville, Ky.

Baptist Press also has sent interview invitations to the campaign staffs of Vice President and Democratic nominee Al Gore, Reform Party nominee Patrick Buchanan and Green Party nominee Ralph Nader. Buchanan has accepted the invitation and will be interviewed following his recovery from recent gall bladder surgery.

Advisories will be posted in Baptist Press when the other nominees’ interviews are scheduled for publication.

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