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OBU ’60s basketball champions & leader Al Tucker to be honored

SHAWNEE, Okla. (BP)–Oklahoma Baptist University’s homecoming weekend will include a Saturday night tribute to the men’s basketball teams of 1964-65, 65-66 and 66-67 and the late Al Tucker, the three-time All America selection who led the Bison to three straight appearances in the national tournament championship game.

Tucker died in May 2001, and his teammates, friends and family will gather to honor his memory, as well as pay tribute to the Bison teams of that era.

“From OBU’s sports archives, we have prepared a visual presentation which includes photos, slides and video which was converted from 16 millimeter film,” said OBU’s executive vice president, John Parrish, who served as sports information director during the Bison’s championship run. “Following the visual presentation, teammates and friends of Al Tucker will talk about his impact on their lives.”

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