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Online registration opens March 1 for SBC meeting

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Online registration for the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting opens March 1.

Churches will be able to register their messengers online at the SBC website, www.sbc.net.

The traditional steps in years past — waiting at the counter as a registration volunteer types in various lines of information — is skipped with the online process.

By registering online, the SBC website gives a church a “messenger reference number” form to be printed out and presented by each messenger at the SBC registration booth in exchange for a nametag and ballot.

Online registration ends June 8 — after which registration must be done the traditional way.

“I call it express registration,” said Jack Wilkerson, vice president for business and finance with the SBC Executive Committee.

The appropriate church-authorized representative must complete all online registration.

The process includes entering information online normally found on the traditional messenger card.

Names can be added, edited and deleted up to June 8. Each messenger must bring the printed form that shows the messenger’s reference number — given on the website — at the registration booth in order to receive a nametag and set of ballots.

Technically, a person is not a messenger until the messenger reference number is presented at the registration booth. But, unlike the traditional method, the person is pre-registered before he or she arrives to the convention.

The traditional registration method also will be available for those churches unable to use Internet access, Wilkerson noted.

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