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Parents ponder angelic boost for 8-year-old’s stage fright

CAMPINAS, Brazil (BP)–Sarah King, 8-year-old daughter
of Southern Baptist missionaries Alton and Lauretta King,
thought she was volunteering to sing a duet for her class.
She was terrified to learn she had agreed to sing in a
program before the whole school in Campinas, Brazil.
On top of that, the school would not allow her parents
to attend the students-only assembly to give her moral
All a frustrated Lauretta King could do was voice a
prayer for her daughter as she dropped Sarah off at school
the day of the duo’s performance.
Sarah was surprised and delighted when another
“missionary kid” — someone she had met at a recent
missionary gathering — said hello to her as she took the
stage. But when she tried to find the other MK after the
program, the child was nowhere to be found.
Sarah’s principal told her no other American students
were enrolled in the Brazilian school or attending the
“We don’t know who the little girl was, but we’re sure
God sent some little ‘angel’ to help Sarah in her time of
need when we couldn’t be there,” said King, who with her
husband was appointed as a missionary to Brazil in August