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Pastor’s ‘P.K.’ comic strip joins BPLife Lighter Side roster

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–“P.K.” (Preacher’s Kids) today joins the roster of faith-oriented comic strips and cartoons featured at the Lighter Side link on www.bpnews.net.

The weekly comic strip by pastor David Ayers is based on his two sons, Aaron, 12, and John-David, 5. Ayers is pastor of Roaring Fork Baptist Church in Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Ayers has been drawing for years, counting the late cartoonist Charles Schultz of “Peanuts” fame among his childhood heroes.

About a year ago Ayers began to draw pictures of his two sons in various situations. When he decided to begin a comic strip based on the duo, he went to them and asked if he could use their names. He assured them the characters would always remain ages 12 and 5, not wanting them to be embarrassed in their teenage years by the cartoon bearing their names.

“They were fine with it,” Ayers said. “They look forward to the cartoons.” Ayers also involves his sons and his wife, Tammy, by having them critique the cartoons before they are published.

The cartoons also include three other regular characters — Chris, Buddy and Heather — who are loosely based on “real” people, Ayers said.

“The cartoon is about how they look at life, especially how they look at church life,” he said.

Ayers has a passion for the cartoon ministry, noting, “It’s a different feeling from preaching a message God has called you to preach, but at the same time, it’s fulfilling.”

With encouragement as one of his strongest gifts, Ayers said, “I want these cartoons to be an encouragement to people, to make them smile. I guess I sort of break out of the stereotype of what people think a pastor is supposed to be like, but I really enjoy life.

“I am not a great artist nor do I claim to be, but if these kids can make someone think of Jesus, my talent has found a purpose,” Ayers said.

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