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Plenty of free resources available to refute ‘Da Vinci’


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Millions of Americans will flock to theaters over the next few weeks to watch “The Da Vinci Code,” and some of them will walk away with questions about the Christian faith for their believing friends.

Although there are numerous Christian books and DVDs about the subject, there also are plenty of free recourses — including several websites and upcoming TV programs.

The movie, based on a popular novel by author Dan Brown, casts doubt on a number of tenants of the Christian faith, including the deity of Christ and the reality of the Bible. It has sold more than 40 million copies and, according to a recent Barna poll, has been read by one out of every five American adults.

Among the free resources:

— “i Network” — formerly PAX TV — will air “Breaking the Da Vinci Code” on Friday, May 26, at 10 p.m. EDT. The program was produced by Grizzly Adams Production, a Christian company.

— Sky Angel, a Christian multi-channel satellite subscription service, is airing seven different Christian programs about “The Da Vinci Code” throughout May, with some of them being re-aired several times. For more information, visit www.SkyAngel.com or call 1-800-SKY-ANGEL.


— A North American Mission Board website — www.4truth.net — features a 65-minute seminar, “Exploring The Da Vinci Code,” with apologist and historian Mike Licona. (Search for “Da Vinci.”)

— FamilyNet is scheduled to broadcast a Da Vinci Code debate May 30 at 5 a.m. EDT and June 3 at 5 p.m. EDT. The debate is set to include at least four panelists, including Christian apologist Josh McDowell.

— Apologist Lee Strobel’s website — www.LeeStrobel.com — includes approximately 40 video clips focusing on the major assertions about Christianity in “The Da Vinci Code.” Licona, D. James Kennedy and Erwin Lutzer are among those in the clips.

— Campus Crusade for Christ has posted an audio format of McDowell’s book, “The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers,” at http://pcgmedia.org/davincianswers.html. It is available as a podcast (for a fee).

— Westminster Theological Seminary has launched a straightforward website — www.theTruthAboutDaVinci.com — that focuses on six major questions (such as, “Was Jesus married?). The website includes information and video clips from conservative scholars.

— Focus on the Family’s Da Vinci website — http://go.family.org/davinci/ — includes a link to a recent radio broadcast that included a discussion between James Dobson, Strobel and Lutzer. Focus’ website also includes articles refuting the movie’s major claims, as well as a discussion guide for parents.

— Scholar and apologist Hank Hanegraaff recently devoted several days on his radio program interviewing Strobel and conservative scholar Paul Maier. The broadcast archives are available at: www.oneplace.com/Ministries/bible_answer_man (click on “show archive”).