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Plenty to choose fromon B&H’s fiction list

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Fiction is very subjective, said Vicki Crumpton, acquisitions editor for Broadman & Holman Publishers.
“People read in certain categories,” she said. “If they love romance, they probably hate science fiction.”
Following are some Christian novels published by the Southern Baptist Convention agency’s publishing arm in various categories:
— The Serenity Inn series by Kay Rizzo (The series currently includes “Serenity’s Desire,” “Serenity’s Quest,” “Josephine’s Fortune,” “Lilia’s Haven,” with four more to be published).
— The Sowers Trilogy by Bonnie Leon (“Where Freedom Grows,” “In Fields of Freedom,” “Harvest of Truth”).
— The Blessed Assurance series by Lyn Cote (“Whispers of Love,” “Lost in His Love,” plus an additional title to be published next year.) The titles of the books are based on verses from the hymn, “Blessed Assurance,” and are set against the backdrop of major historical events like the Chicago Fire and the San Francisco Earthquake.
— “Stonewall” by John Dwyer centers on the life of Stonewall Jackson
— The Mysteries in Time series by Jim Walker (includes “Murder on the Titanic,” “Voices from the Titanic” and “Murder at Gettysburg”). Each mystery centers around a historical event — the sinking of the Titanic, the investigation following the incident and the battle of Gettysburg.
— Fortunes of the Black Hills series by Stephen Bly (“Beneath a Dakota Cross” and “Shadow of Legends,” plus a new book next year). The story centers around the Brazos Fortune family and how they deal with the harsh terrain of the uncivilized West as well as their relationships with one another and their community.
— Chip Hilton series by Coach Clair Bee/updated by Cynthia and Randall Farley – a 24-book series, with 12 published to date. Young and athletic, Chip Hilton models fairness, strong morals and public service both on and off the court or field.
— Heebie Jeebie Series by Paul Buchanan and Rod Randall. Creepy and suspenseful, the books show what can happen when a child’s imagination runs wild. The ending always puts a “monster” into perspective and provides lessons on honesty, faith and solid biblical truths.
— Summit High series by Matt Tullos is a series about a group of high school friends who struggle with peer pressure and contemporary issues like premarital sex, substance abuse, prejudice, dating, parental divorce and other issues.
Legal suspense, “Blind Justice,” “Final Witness” and “Circumstantial Evidence,” by James Scott Bell, a practicing attorney who was a commentator during the O.J. Simpson murder trial.
“The Lasko Interview” by Clay Jacobsen, featuring a television producer who is caught up in a murder/mystery. In the midst of solving the crime, he finds the faith he lost long ago.
Sci-Fi/Thrillers/Spiritual warfare.
“The Y2K Bug” by Frank Simon takes a starkly realistic look at the implications of a major power grid failure. Simon weaves an intricate web that includes Chinese conspiracy and explains the domino effect from the malfunctioning of non-compliant computer chips.
“Where Angels Dare” by Roger Elwood examines the darker side of a revived Atlantic City.
“Progeny” by Martha Ogburn, an author/nurse who deals with bio-ethical issues surrounding maternal/fetal medicine and reproductive technology


UPDATE: In the (BP) story, “Bauer denies rumors of infidelity; they voiced concerns, ex-aides say,” dated 9/30/99, the following can be inserted as the 8th paragraph from the end:
In a Sept. 29 written statement, Dobson said he talked to Bauer when he heard the rumors and also had spoken to his wife. “I am satisfied that the allegations against Gary are false and that he is totally committed to his family,” said Dobson, who said he has known Bauer and his family for 15 years.
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