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Prayer & church involvement can build ‘Jesus’ film momentum

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–Prayer and church involvement can build the already-considerable momentum of the “Jesus” film worldwide.
In prayer:
— Pray for the rapid production of “Jesus” in 42 high-priority languages identified by International Mission Board strategists.
— Pray for the safety of missionaries and film teams showing “Jesus” in hostile areas, and for the salvation of their opponents.
— Pray that the “Jesus” Film Project will reach its end-of-millennium goal: giving every person on earth a chance to see the film.
— Pray that the revamped audio program, The Story of Jesus, will reach hundreds of millions of listeners in restricted areas via radio and audiocassettes.
Churches can help the “Jesus” film make an impact among those who need to hear the good news of salvation through two opportunities:
— “Jesus” film language dubbing: $20,000 pays for a lip-synch dubbing of the film into a priority language identified by IMB missionaries.
— 16-mm “Jesus” film prints cost $900 each. This format remains the most effective way to present the film to large crowds in many places.
For more information or to get involved, call the Southern Baptist International Mission Board development office at 1-800-362-1322.