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Prayer for ‘watershed’ election urged by evangelical organizations

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (BP)–The National Day of Prayer Task Force and Focus on the Family have launched a nationwide campaign in preparation for the Nov. 7 elections.

The initiate parallels a similar call to prayer issued by Southern Baptist Convention President James Merritt.

The task force/Focus on the Family initiative, “PRAY . . . FOR ELECTION DAY!” will encourage millions of Christians to seriously consider and act upon their spiritual and moral obligations in the upcoming elections. The two ministries are targeting pastors, ministry leaders and their constituencies to mark Nov. 5 as a day to pray, fast and exhort others to vote.

“This is a watershed moment for our country,” said Shirley Dobson, chair of the National Day of Prayer Task Force. “As a nation we’ve lost our tradition of right and wrong, common decency and kindness. Only God, along with the commitment and courage exercised by people of faith, can restore truth and morality to our land.”

Dobson noted that although God desires to intervene in every area of society, his promise to bring healing to the nation is conditional. “The prayers of God’s people ultimately offer hope for our nation — for God calls on his people to intercede, and he alone has the power to place men and women of integrity in positions of leadership,” Dobson said. “Our civic duty to vote and exhort others to participate in the electoral process is a tremendous privilege and responsibility.”

The two ministries are asking each Christian to urge two people to vote, who in turn will ask two people, and so on. They are trusting that a domino effect will occur as the Christian constituency is encouraged to take seriously their responsibility of citizenship. While they stress that all believers have an obligation to participate, fasting is optional and should be undertaken with medical supervision and common sense.

Further information about the initiative can be obtained from the National Day of Prayer at 1-800-444-8828.

Merritt also noted the need for prayer and fasting in urging Southern Baptist participation in the upcoming election.

Specific prayer is needed, Merritt said, for the election of godly men and women to serve in public offices, from the White House to Congress.

“We need to set a Christian example of responsible citizenship by participating in our nation’s government,” said Merritt, pastor of the Atlanta-area First Baptist Church, Snellville.
Visit the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s website for a comparison of the Republican and Democratic parties’ platforms at https://www.erlc.com/partyplatforms.htm.

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