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Prof counters cultural onslaught with biblical truth in new book

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (BP)–Showing how a consistently biblical worldview intersects with today’s influential cultural ideas, “Thinking Against the Grain,” N. Allan Moseley’s latest book, urges Christians to adopt an outlook consistent with biblical truth rather than cultural myth.

Moseley, an Old Testament scholar and dean of students at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C., said he wrote the book not for academic circles but to help people within the church itself pursue biblical thinking.

“Throughout my years in ministry I have observed Christians forming their beliefs by cultural osmosis,” Moseley said. “In other words, a large proportion of Christians are unthinkingly adopting the ideologies of the age and relegating their faith to the realm of sentiment. My hope is that this book will be used by God to motivate Christians to lay aside the ideas and practices of a corrupt culture and allow the truth of God’s Word to mold their thinking.”

With chapters dedicated to specific issues such as sexual ethics, abortion and the environment, Moseley sets forth the need for Christians to recover a distinctively Christian worldview in the face of a pluralistic society that disavows biblical thinking.

“Christians in the 21st century are being bombarded with philosophical artillery that most are ill-equipped to withstand,” Moseley observed. “This bombardment is mediated through cultural forms as diverse as television advertisements and political platforms. If Christians are not taught how to critique the culture’s philosophies from a biblical perspective, they will adopt them as their own.”

This syncretism of pagan culture with secondhand, untried biblical principles is the result of Christians’ failure to form an intellectually coherent and biblically faithful response to society’s secularist claims and propaganda, Moseley said.

At the root of this problem, Moseley said, is the sloppy biblical thinking that his book tries to remedy. In it he describes his desire to help inadequately informed Christian readers by placing in their hands the tools given by the Word of God with which they can engage contemporary culture.

“A host of Christians have avoided serious thought about the implications of their faith….” Moseley writes. “Some of these Christians know what they believe, but they do not know why they believe it. Their faith comes across as hopelessly naive in public conversation. This is because they have never done the work of developing a Christian mind. This book is intended to help them in that great work.”

Moseley said that he hopes Thinking Against the Grain, released by Kregel Publications, will help Christians read the culture critically, armed with a biblical worldview.

“Only when Christians do that will we have any hope that our thinking and acting will be guided by biblical truth instead of cultural myth,” he said. “The integrity of our witness to the world depends on such thinking and acting.”

Among Moseley’s earlier works are Jonah and Proverbs for LifeWay’s adult commentary series and “What’s Life All About?: Foundations for the Biblical Worldview from Genesis 1-12” for LifeWay’s 2002 January Bible Study. He also edited “Here I Stand: Essays in Honor of Paige Patterson.”
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