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Qualities Generation Xers offer to missions listed

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–Here are 10 qualities Generation Xers — Americans born after 1965 — offer missions:
1. Relational focus. Our favorite pastime is “hanging out” — a passion for simply spending time with people.
2. Flexibility. We have adapted to new homes, new families and new technologies at breakneck speed. Throw adversity at us, and watch us duck, jump and keep moving.
3. Brokenness and compassion. Abuse of all kinds has made us sensitive to the hurts of others. The world needs examples of God’s healing in our lives in order to believe he is able to handle anyone’s problems.
4. Honesty. We despise masks. When we like something, you’ll know. When we don’t … well, let’s just say we’re honest. Our real struggles will be shared in the open and used by God to draw others to him.
5. Teamwork. Anything worth doing is worth doing together. We love to see the body of Christ act like the body of Christ, especially since we have seen church splits, divorce and “Lone Rangers” falling into deep sin.
6. Zeal. Hey, we’re young … at least for now. So take advantage of it before it’s too late!
7. Practicality. “Let’s just get it done” is our answer to most of life’s problems. We are ready to get on with the work and not simply theorize about how best to do it.
8. Creativity. We have a great desire to use our abilities in art, music and drama for God.
9. Ownership. Our generation seems slow to make commitments because we don’t blindly trust anyone. Yet when we find a safe place where we fit in, our trust grows and our commitment can be even greater than that of other generations.
10. Openness. We have grown up in a society that encourages diversity. This helps us try new things, travel to new places and look at other cultures from the perspective of a learner.

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  • Qualities Generation Xers offer to missions listed