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RESOURCE: DeMint book counters socialism

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Sen. Jim DeMint, in a new book, contends that increasing government control and a socialist agenda are weakening the freedom and Christian values upon which the United States was founded.

But, the South Carolina senator writes in “Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism,” it’s not too late if more of God’s people choose to get involved, speak out and stand up for what they believe is right.

“We are in the middle of what seems like a deep river, and we’re not sure we can swim,” DeMint observes, then declares, “Now is the time for Americans to decide, once again, to fight for freedom.”

DeMint’s book is part of a new series of nonfiction and fiction called Fidelis Books from the B&H Publishing Group of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Marine veteran Oliver North, a syndicated columnist, author and host of Fox News Channel’s “War Stories” series, is the lead editor of Fidelis, which is Latin for “faithful.” North’s fourth novel, “After Jihad,” also will be part of the Fidelis line when it is released in May 2010.

The goal of the Fidelis series is to “inspire, encourage and extol the virtues of faith, freedom, courage, honor, integrity and self sacrifice,” North says in the project’s promotional video.

With the Fidelis series tackling some of today’s biggest hot-button issues, Gary Terashita, executive editor of B&H Publishing Group, said the decision to publish these books wasn’t taken lightly; it was made “without fear and without apology.”

“The message of this first book … is not a partisan political argument, but rather a plea to the American people to return to the faith, family and freedom principles upon which our nation was founded and made it great,” Terashita said.

“We want to engage the culture in the midst of its own dialogue and offer reasoned, biblical answers to the questions burning on their hearts and minds,” he added. “If the people with whom eternal truth has been entrusted do not stand up and declare and defend that truth, then who will?”

In Saving Freedom, DeMint examines how Christian principles set the tone for the founding of the country and established its identity.

“Biblical standards established visible boundaries in the American colonies that judged the actions of all — believers and non-believers,” DeMint writes. “The connection between God, the Bible, Christianity, virtue, law, individual responsibility, and freedom were unquestioned by those who shaped America’s founding.”

But these Christian principles have been cast aside one by one through the years, DeMint argues.

“Secular activists found a vehicle in the courts to purge traditional values from the public square and to force compliance to a new secular-socialist agenda,” he writes.

“The ACLU and other self-appointed agents of the federal courts attacked traditional organizations like the Boy Scouts and veterans groups, saying their use of the Pledge of Allegiance, traditional standards, and prayers violated the ‘wall of separation.'”

While “wall of separation” focuses on the separation of church and state,” DeMint notes that the phrase isn’t in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or any of America’s founding documents.

“It’s an idea that has evolved from the First Amendment,” he writes, “that was intended to keep the federal government from establishing a national church or interfering with the practice of religion at the state and local levels.”

Government’s control now stretches through education, health care, financial markets, real estate, businesses and religion, DeMint writes. As government expands and aligns more with socialist views, it displaces faith in God as the source of security and hope.

“Socialism requires an all-powerful central government to force societal compliance and uniformity,” DeMint writes. “Religion is a threat to socialists because it creates a cultural authority that supersedes government authority.”

Saving America includes a plan for how Americans can fight socialism, including everything from writing letters to running for public office. But reclaiming the Christian principles this country was founded upon won’t be easy, DeMint writes.

“Though the United States has many other religions prevalent in the U.S,” he writes, “this does not mean that the Judeo-Christian values and principles that built America should be dismantled to accommodate cultures with different values.

“Unquestionably freedom has the power to make possible many of the hopes and dreams of all mankind,” DeMint adds. “Government’s goal should be to allow freedom to work for everyone.”
Shawn Hendricks is a writer in Richmond, Va. “Saving Freedom” and other Fidelis books are available at www.bhpublishinggroup.com.

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