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Resources for military members & families

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP)–The following is a list of books that could be helpful to soldiers and their families during a time of war.

— “Medals Above My Heart: The Rewards of Being a Military Wife” by Carol McGlothlin and Brenda C. Pace is a devotional for military wives, published by B&H Publishing Group. The husbands of the authors wear their medals on their uniforms, but the women share experiences of military life and reveal the medals they wear over their own hearts.

— “Hope for the Home Front: Winning the Emotional and Spiritual Battles of a Military Wife” by Marshele Carter Waddell explores the emotional and spiritual battlegrounds common for today’s military wife. Waddell ministers to those who are entrenched at home in the battle for their marriages, their children, their faith and their sanity, which are all caught in the crossfire.

Seeking to arm military wives with the power and protection of God’s promises against depression, bitterness, destructive choices and desperation, she uses both humor and honesty to present timely truths. Topics include facing fear, anger, burnout, temptation and separation from loved ones.

— “God Answers Prayers Military Edition: True Stories from People Who Serve and Those Who Love Them” by Allison Bottke features accounts from past and present servicemen and women and family members who tell how God answered their prayers. Stories range from the current struggle in the Middle East to past conflicts such as World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

— “Soldier Looks at Spiritual Warfare” by Dick Denny uses real-life military analogies to confront readers with the reality of spiritual warfare and shows them how to grow spiritually. Each of the 12 chapters starts with a you-are-there narrative-style war flashback, which relates to the subject of that chapter.
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