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SBC DIGEST: October update with David Spika; World Changers plans for 2021

October update with GuideStone’s David Spika

By BP Staff

David Spika joined Jonathan Howe on Monday (Oct. 5) to review this month’s economic developments in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pending Supreme Court nomination, the upcoming presidential election and to look ahead to 2021.

World Changers gears up for 2021 projects

By Carol Pipes

NASHVILLE (BP) – World Changers is gearing up for another year of serving those in need. The ministry will continue under the management of a group of church leaders and individuals, many of whom have volunteered with World Changers for a number of years.

“World Changers has a strong network of construction volunteers, youth ministers, churches and community agency representatives who’ve worked with us for years and want to see the ministry continue,” said David Flatt, associate pastor of adult education at First Baptist Church in Panama City, Fla., who played a key role in the continuation of the ministry.

World Changers provides students and adults with opportunities to meet physical and spiritual needs, through construction projects and community ministry. Volunteers donate a week of their summer working with cities, churches and community agencies to provide renovations at no charge to low-income homeowners.

LifeWay made the decision in April to cancel World Changers mission projects for summer 2020 because of COVID-19 and close all future operations due to declining numbers and the inability to host projects this summer.

Flatt said the 30-year-old mission of World Changers – to change the world of the participant – will continue to drive the organization. “That mission has stuck with me as I’ve taken student groups to World Changers projects for decades,” said Flatt, a longtime World Changers coordinator. “I could send you a list of students who can point back to a World Changers project and say that’s where God opened their eyes to their role in His mission.

“Of all the student ministry events our church has attended, World Changers had a more significant impact on students than anything else we did,” Flatt continued. “Our desire is to carry on that legacy and see the lives of students transformed as they put hands and feet to their faith.”

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