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Seminary Extension offers new diploma in childhood education

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Seminary Extension, for the first time in 20 years, is increasing the number of its diplomas available to students. The new addition is a diploma in childhood education.

This increases the number of diplomas offered by Seminary Extension to five. The other diplomas are in pastoral ministries, educational ministries, biblical studies and an advanced diploma. Also, a diploma in ministry training and a certificate in Christian studies are offered by participating SBC seminaries.

The diploma in childhood education features on-the-job training for church members and staff persons who work with children. The 16 courses in the curriculum, developed jointly by the staff of Seminary Extension and LifeWay Christian Resources’ preschool and children’s matrix workgroups, are available through classes at Extension Centers or by correspondence through the Independent Study Institute.

The new diploma was first introduced to workers attending the recent National Preschool-Children’s Convention, sponsored by LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, Tenn. Several of the education directors, directors of childhood education and other children’s workers attending immediately signed up to begin their studies.

More information about the new diploma is available from the Seminary Extension offices at (615) 242-2453 or 901 Commerce St., Nashville, TN 37203.

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