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Several name changes announced at LifeWay Christian Resources

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–In the aftermath of the June 9 name change to LifeWay Christian Resources (formerly Sunday School Board) of the Southern Baptist Convention, the entity’s church growth group has announced several name changes.
The church growth group — which is responsible for producing dated and undated resources in Sunday school, discipleship and music as well as leadership helps for pastors and staff members, media libraries, stewardship and Christian schools — will become LifeWay Church Resources Group.
“We wanted to connect with the LifeWay name,” Vice President Gene Mims said. “LifeWay means the life of Jesus Christ expressed completely through us as his willing servants. It’s a name which emerges to the excitement of a new millennium.”
Also, he said, “we wanted to highlight our relationship with churches, and resources describes what we provide.”
With the name change of the group, Mims said the names of three of the four divisions in the group also will change.
The Bible teaching-reaching division will become the Sunday school division and unveil a new organizational structure.
Division director Bill Taylor said, “Sunday school is an organization and process that can be used in any size church. The term ‘Sunday school’ means all ages, Bible study, fellowship, open groups, evangelism and ministry.
“We’re positioning Sunday school now as a seven-days-a-week experience,” he said.
In another area, Mims said the name of the discipleship and family development division led by Roy Edgemon will be shortened to discipleship and family division. The name of the church leadership services division directed by Mike Miller will become the LifeWay church leadership division. The name of the operations division led by John Kramp will remain the same.