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Size of type to be increased in large-print curriculum

NASHVILLE, Tenn.(BP)– The reviews on the adult Sunday School for a New Century curriculum, used Sept. 3 for the first time in the churches, have been mostly positive, but the size of type in some large-print editions will be addressed.

Rick Edwards, director of the adult Sunday school ministry department at LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, said the type size is too small in the large-print editions of the adult learner guides in the Explore the Bible series and the King James Version of the Family Bible Study series.

“We just goofed,” Edwards said. “We made an error in production that caused it to be smaller than we intended. We didn’t catch the mistake until it was too late to fix it in the Winter issue, but it has been corrected in the Spring issue of 2001.”

The reason it will take until the Spring quarter to have the situation remedied is the production schedule, said Judy Wooldridge, senior product development specialist in LifeWay’s adult Sunday school group.

“It’s about an 11-month cycle to get out a quarter of curriculum,” Wooldridge said. “Both of these products are very early in the production cycle, so the Winter issues of these two titles were already at the printer when the Fall error was discovered.”

Edwards said, “We always regret these kinds of mistakes, but we do our best to fix them as quickly as possible.”

Feedback, both positive and negative, from users of the resources is important, he said. “We pay attention to every call, letter and e-mail we receive. Each one is important to us.”

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