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Southern’s Boyce School dean announces retirement

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)–A “very happy” and “excited” dean of the Boyce Bible School revealed his decision to retire next year during an Aug. 28 meeting of the school’s advisory council in Louisville, Ky. Boyce is the undergraduate division of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Bob Johnson, whose retirement will take effect July 31, 1998, asked Danny Akin, Southern Seminary’s vice president of academic administration, to announce his decision. “At my request and his agreement,” Akin said, “he is going to continue another year as a consultant to assist us in the transition of bringing a new dean on.”
Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. expressed appreciation for Johnson’s leadership. “Bob has provided loving care and a heart-felt vision for the Boyce Bible School program and especially for its students. He has been a minister as well as a teacher and dean to the Boyce family,” Mohler said.
Johnson joined the Boyce staff in 1990 after teaching 11 years at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Mo.
“I’ve always taught in the area of leadership and administration, and there is a saying that every seven years you should change what you’re doing or the way you’re doing it,” Johnson said. “Of course, age has something to do with it, too. So I see it as a good time of transition.”
Johnson told the advisory council he met with Akin this summer to discuss his future. “I told him I never wanted to be a hero working a long time. This will get me to 65, and I’m happy there,” Johnson said.
“We deeply appreciate his leadership, and we are very thankful that he will continue with us for the 1998-99 year as a consultant for this transition period,” Akin added. “This transition affords Southern Seminary the opportunity to see the Boyce Bible School take that next step and assume new responsibilities as we serve the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention even more effectively.”
Quinn Pugh, retired executive director of the Baptist Convention of New York and a Boyce advisory council member for nine years, expressed appreciation for the advances made under Johnson’s leadership. “His ability to conceptualize education processes has made him exceedingly useful as the dean … . He came with creative ideas and has implemented those with confidence and grace and consistency,” Pugh said.
The retiring dean noted, “I am very pleased with the administration’s willingness to allow me to serve in this way. I’m very happy. I’m excited. I want this to be the best year I’ve ever had at Boyce.”
The east Texas native said he wants to spend some time with his two remaining brothers in Texas who are both older than he is. Johnson indicated he may consider short-term teaching or an interim pastor position.

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