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Sowing the fields

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)–“Churches are trying to reap where they have not sown.” I’ve heard this quote attributed to numerous people. I don’t know who said it, but it bears saying again.

Recently, I watched a church sowing their field with a weekend sports outreach. They joined with Connect 3on3 (www.connect3on3.com), a Tennessee-based ministry, for the event. Three-person basketball teams from the region signed up for the opportunity to win trophies and prizes.

While the sounds of loud music and the smells of buttered popcorn and hot dogs filled the air, the Gospel was being sown in traditional and creative ways. At one point, the host pastor presented the Gospel to all the participants during a mid-tournament break. Using basketball terminology of fouls and victory, he shared with the participants how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Other groups from the church presented the Gospel through music and skits. Church members even staffed a booth for prayer and spiritual help.

The event served a secondary purpose by showing that the church cares for their community. The church had the opportunity to show both young and old how Christians have fun in a family friendly environment. The fun zone, adjacent to the basketball courts, had activities — including inflatables, a rock-climbing wall and games — for all ages. There were plenty of hugs, giggles and smiles to go around. It was the church at its best, taking the Gospel message to the streets.

It is sad when we forget we are in the “going” business. We are a going people called to sow the seeds of the Gospel along our journey.

Going is not a problem for most of us. We are always going to the grocery store, to work, to the gas station, to our neighbor’s house. The problem comes when we forget our going has an intentional purpose in the Kingdom of God.

I recently received a card from Sue Gulley, a member of Trinity Baptist in Lake Charles, La. She is limited in mobility due to health-related issues and must use oxygen to help her breathe. She is still teaching Sunday School but has great difficulty doing so. She told me that she struggles with feeling useless in the Kingdom of God since her health has started to decline. So what do you do when life hands you lemons? Make lemonade.

She calls her new evangelism strategy “Back-up Evangelism.” She sends cards for birthdays, sympathy or encouragement. In the card, she includes a Gospel tract. She has even started inviting college students to her home for dinner so she can share her faith. “I use every way I can to show God’s love,” Gulley said.

Individually and collectively, we need to be in the business of sowing the fields. Jesus has promised his presence and we serve under his authority. “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).
Keith Manuel is an evangelism associate on the Louisiana Baptist Convention’s evangelism & church growth team.

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