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SSB online ordering gaining popularity

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Ordering dated materials online has gained popularity since the option became available through the Sunday School Board’s Web site on Sept. 9.
As of Nov. 3, 2,400 orders had been placed at www.bssb.com, saving time in getting the order to the board and minimizing errors by eliminating the need for orders to be re-keyed into the computerized system. Orders have ranged from a single copy of one publication title to more than 5,000 units of various literature items. In some cases, follow-up orders for additional materials are among those being sent through the Web site. Church orders have come from across the United States as well as other countries.
More than 1,300 churches have obtained a personal identification number (PIN) necessary to use the system. This ensures security for the account and eliminates the need to provide billing information online.
Within 24 hours of submitting the order over the Internet, a confirmation of the order is returned by e-mail, including a list of the items ordered and the anticipated ship date. Also, orders placed through the Web site before the due date found on the “Summary of Orders” page qualify for an early-order discount from the Southern Baptist Convention agency.
For now, online ordering is available only for dated materials. Undated resource ordering will be added in the future.
Detailed instructions are provided on the Web site by clicking on the “Dated Resources Online Order Form” graphic at the top of the home page. The electronic form follows the same sequence as the printed form mailed to churches. For churches that wish to reorder the same items and quantities received for the previous quarter, an option is available to complete the form automatically with the previous quarter’s information.
Churches may request a PIN online or by calling 1-800-575-7004 or 625-251-2064.