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Ted Stone to be nominated for SBC 1st vice president

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Ted Stone, a longtime crusader against alcohol and drug abuse, will be nominated for first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention during the June 12-13 annual meeting in New Orleans.

Stone, of Durham, N.C., will be nominated by Dallas attorney Ralph Pulley.

Stone and Pulley are members of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s board of trustees. Pulley is a former trustee chairman for the Fort Worth, Texas, seminary and is a longtime deacon at First Baptist Church, Dallas.

Stone is a member of Durham’s Grace Baptist Church and a leader in the fight to curb America’s alcohol and drug problems. He has spoken in more than 2,500 Southern Baptist churches during the past 24 years — after overcoming his own substance abuse problems — and has walked across the country three times to bring attention to his campaign.

“I have observed his [Stone’s] ministry for many years,” Pulley said in a May 14 statement. “He is a loyal Southern Baptist. There is no stronger witness for Christ among Southern Baptists, and none more effective as an ambassador for our Lord and for this convention than Ted Stone.” Throughout his ministry, Stone has issued “one basic message — Christ is the answer,” Pulley said.

Stone has also authored or coauthored four books on the subject of alcohol and drug abuse. He and his associate, Philip Barber, periodically write a column for Baptist Press, the national news service of the SBC.

Stone also serves on the board of visitors at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and has served on the SBC’s Committee on Committees and the Credentials Committee.

“I am deeply honored and humbled by my dear friend Ralph Pulley’s decision to nominate me,” Stone said. “If the wonderful people of our Southern Baptist Convention see fit to entrust the responsibilities of this office to me, I will dedicate my time and heart to serving our convention and our churches well, and, above all, I will seek to honor our Lord with all my being.”

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