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Test ranks one’s cultural status, from pre-modern to postmodernist

GLORIETA, N.M. (BP)–Culturally speaking, are you a pre-modern person in a postmodern world?

Sally Morgenthaler, a consultant in worship in culture, offered the following test to participants in Church Music Leadership Conference 2000 at Glorieta (N.M.), a LifeWay Conference Center, July 14-20. Answer each question true or false, giving yourself one point for each “true” answer.

1) You would rather log on to E-bay than wade through the classifieds.

2) You write 50 e-mails to one letter.

3) Your set of values is always open to suggestion.

4) You always choose products that have as many “bells and whistles” as possible.

5) You watch television as much for the commercials as for the programs.

6) You are hooked up to radio, television, VCR, CD, computer 75 percent of the time you are awake.

7) You would rather watch “X-Files” than “Diagnosis Murder.”

8) You consider yourself more spiritual than religious.

9) You have mastered the act of channel surfing and have no problem watching several programs at once.

Morgenthaler’s scoring scale:

0 points = Ancient.

1-3 points = Pre-modern.

4-6 points = Modern (an ’80s person).

7-8 points = On the cusp of postmodernism.

9 points = A true postmodernist.

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