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The end of a sane society?

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)–The Court of Appeals for the U.S. Ninth Circuit upheld this summer an Oakland, Calif., city government declaration that the phrase “marriage is the foundation of the natural family and sustains family values” was inflammatory and promoted harassment based on so-called sexual orientation. The phrase was also deemed to be homophobic and disruptive.

It seems a few Christian women working for Oakland’s city government formed a Good News Employee Association, and in promoting the club, included the aforementioned phrase on a flier. Later, a lesbian worker complained that the flier made her feel “targeted” and “excluded.”

Most recently, hate crimes legislation was passed by both chambers of Congress. While the bills specifically address violent crime, many observers believe the legislation could be used to curtail any speech derogatory of homosexuality.

It is clear that homosexual activists and sexual libertines have been successful in pushing their political agendas. It is also becoming obvious that the arguments they have utilized, if pushed to their logical conclusions, absolutely will destroy the America we know and love.

In their effort to force society to accept and celebrate homosexual, bisexual and transgender sexual expression, activists have left the door open for all manner of behavior to be legitimized.

One of the arguments put forth by activists is that sexual deviancy is determined biologically. In spite of the fact that there is not one definitive scientific study to support this claim, sexual activists continue to insist it is an established fact.

I understand that there have been studies that “suggest” that there “could possibly be” a biological component to sexual orientation. But when the results of a scientific study are summed up in words like “might,” “may,” “suggest” and “possible,” it proves nothing.

In spite of the lack of scientific evidence, homosexual activists and sexual libertines continue to insist that all sexual expression –- at least all they are engaged in -– is rooted in biology.

The activist mantra is that people are born homosexual, bisexual or transgender (the wrong sex) and they cannot change. As a result, they should be allowed to act on their biological predilections.

Any suggestion that a person actually might be able to change his or her sexual preference is derided. According to homosexual activists, a person is born with a certain sexual orientation and they will die with that same orientation.

When debating this issue, one of the favorite questions activists pose is, “Why would someone choose to be homosexual, bisexual or transgender?” They argue that acting on aberrant desires results in family and societal rejection as well as discrimination. “No one would choose such a lifestyle,” assert the activists.

The aforementioned argument could be used to support the biological basis for pedophilia or even bestiality. Those who seek sexual gratification with children or animals are not only rejected by society, in many cases they are prosecuted under the law. No one, according to the activists, deliberately would choose a lifestyle with such consequences. Therefore, it must be innate.

Most homosexual activists will agree that pedophilia and bestiality are wrong. But on what basis do they justify their conclusion? For a biblical conservative, sexual expression is only legitimate when it occurs between a man and a woman who are married. Anything else is considered wrong. Of course, this sexual ethic is anchored in the Bible.

Homosexual activists and sexual libertines have long since cut themselves loose from any biblical sexual ethic. As such, they have no standard by which to declare that any sexual behavior is wrong. The only arguments the activist can offer against pedophilia and bestiality is that they currently are illegal, and in the case of pedophilia, it harms those who are innocent.

It should be noted there are some activists who support lowering the age of consent so adults can engage in sex with children. There are also those who believe bestiality should not be a criminal offense.

Like all other expressions of sexuality, homosexual activists and sexual libertines insist that transgender individuals are born with their orientation –- men and women born in the wrong bodies.

My only question is that if a people can be born the wrong sex, could they also be born the wrong race? The obvious answer, of course, is no.

The success of homosexual activists and sexual libertines could well be the beginning of the end of a sane American society. Only time will tell if we will return to a sexual ethic anchored in the Bible or continue to drift on a sea of subjective sexual expression. If we do not return, it is only a matter of time until we sink.
Kelly Boggs, whose column appears each week in Baptist Press, is editor of the Baptist Message, the newspaper of the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

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