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Tornado path in north Kansas City skirts past Midwestern Seminary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP)–Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary escaped damage from a tornado that touched down at 11:30 p.m. May 11 just 10 blocks south of the Kansas City, Mo., campus. Police established a command post along North Oak Trafficway, closing the road south of the seminary to deal with damage to a Toyota dealership.

The storm followed a path along the north side of the Missouri River, but no injuries were reported. Tree limbs and other debris from the car dealership were scattered in the neighborhood at 43rd Street and North Oak Trafficway.

Seminary families took shelter in basements of campus housing.

International student Vitali Malinouski of Belarus (in the former Soviet Union) headed for the bomb shelter that was built into the basement of the dormitory when the seminary was constructed in 1958. Constructed in the early 1960s, the facility was used for civil defense drills during the Cold War.

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