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Twin’s salvation opens doors of friends, family for FAITH

BURKEVILLE, Texas (BP)–When Bobbie Medley made the appointment for a Burkeville Baptist Church FAITH team to visit her twin sister Robbie Ashmore, no one anticipated the amount of spiritual fruit that would soon be harvested.

Bobbie and Robbie were born and raised in the Texas community of 500. The sisters were raised as Mormons but had not been active in any church since their teenage years.

For two years pastor Ed Thibodeaux had been developing a friendship with Bobbie, so during the first semester of FAITH, his team decided to visit her. The team presented the gospel, and that night Bobbie prayed to receive Christ. She was baptized the very next Sunday. Her husband, a son and a friend also came to Christ the same night. One member noted that Bobbie “did a complete turnaround and was at church every time the doors were open.”

After her own conversion, Bobbie tried to convince Robbie to come to church. “I felt ashamed,” Robbie said. Her father-in-law had asked her to take him to church, and she promised him she would, but before she could fulfill her promise, he died of cancer. Thus, Robbie hadn’t felt comfortable going to a church. She said Bobbie told her, “Just let the preacher come see you.”

Bobbie arranged for Thibodeaux and his FAITH team to visit Robbie. “I was impressed,” Robbie recounted. “I accepted the Lord that night and was really grateful. I had a rough life growing up, and my life has changed since.”

As soon as Robbie gave her life to Christ, she developed a concern for her friends and family who needed to know the Lord. She submitted their names to the FAITH teams and began setting up appointments for their visits. Though not in the FAITH program herself, Robbie went along on many of the visits to make sure her friends felt comfortable.

She recalled the visit with one of her newest girlfriends. “Her life was down all the time. Since I’ve been in church, I feel good, and I wanted to get her to know the Lord like I did.”

Even before Thibodeaux asked Robbie’s friend, “What does it take to get into heaven?” she was already crying and wanting to come to the Lord. “Then,” Robbie said, “that same night we visited my aunt and uncle, and they came to know the Lord.” Her uncle, who struggled with alcohol abuse and previously “wouldn’t step a foot into church,” has attended church ever since and has gone along with her and the pastor on some of the FAITH visits.

“Robbie’s getting it done,” Sunday School teacher Reid Smith said. “She’s doing what us older Christians ought to be doing.” More than 20 others have heard the gospel, and most have received Christ because of Robbie’s desire to share Christ with everyone she knows. Robbie has even more people lined up for the teams to visit.

“God might have got me in,” she said, “to get to the others!”

Robbie has been faithfully attending Sunday School and worship since her salvation experience several months ago. She particularly enjoys Smith’s young adult Sunday School class. She studies her lesson every week. “I try to know it by Sunday. In Sunday School you get to talk back and forth and really understand things.” She also enjoys bringing her four children to Sunday School and church. “They love it!” she said.

When asked if she had anything else she would like to share about her story, Robbie said, “I just wish more people would come to know the Lord.”

FAITH is a strategy combining evangelism and Sunday School. It originated at First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach, Fla., and has been introduced to Southern Baptists by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. FAITH also is endorsed by the North American Mission Board.

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