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In the BP story, “Recommendations to embrace SBC statement of beliefs approved in Ga., Fla., Ark.,” dated 9/28/00, the following paragraphs can be added to the end of the story:

The Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia executive board unanimously passed, also on Sept. 12, a recommendation to draft a resolution in support of the Baptist Faith and Message.

“When this resolution is adopted by messengers attending our fall convention, we will be sending a signal to the world that the content of the Holy Bible is not up for debate. That matter has been settled in our hearts for many, many years,” said Doyle Chauncey, executive director of the SBC of Virginia.

“We do take exception, however, to the views of those few who have politicized the adoption of the 2000 BFM to accuse traditional Southern Baptists of being ‘bibliolators’ and used that as a ploy to further their own agendas of crippling the world’s best missions education and delivery system.”

The SBCV’s annual Bible conference and convention will be held at Liberty Baptist Church, Hampton, Va., Oct. 9-10.

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