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UPDATE: The following updated may be added to the (BP)
story, “Human cloning plans prompt Clinton to renew call for
ban,” dated 1/12/98, after the 7th paragraph:

On Jan. 12, meanwhile, 19 European countries signed a
treaty opposing human cloning and committing to adopt laws
banning the practice, according to an Associated Press
report. On the same day, French President Jacques Chirac
called for an international ban on human cloning, according
to the report.
England did not sign the treaty because it considered
the agreement too strict, and Germany withheld its
endorsement because it already has a law that is stronger
than what the treaty called for, the report said.
The 19 members of the Council of Europe signing the
treaty, according to the report, were Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg,
Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Portugal, Romania, San Marino,
Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.
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