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The (BP) story titled “200,000 homeless in Honduras; Baptists gear up relief effort,” dated 11/3/98 can be updated with the following information: Hurricane Mitch has left 11,000 dead in the region; 7,000 dead in Honduras alone, with 11,100 missing. An estimated 2 million people in Honduras have lost homes or possessions. Also, the 6th paragraph can be replaced with the following two paragraphs:
The International Mission Board released $178,000 from the Hunger Relief Fund to aid victims of Hurricane Mitch who are living in Honduras. The food will be added to food and water purification units being provided by Texas Baptist Men for distribution by Southern Baptist missionaries through local Honduran Baptist churches.
Southern Baptist damage assessors are currently making a tour of Nicaragua and will move northward through Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Thanks, Baptist Press

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