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Volunteer prayerwalkers see miracles in Belgium

BRUSSELS, Belgium (BP)–Notes of praise rang out above the city. From the highest point, six women stood in the dome of Brussels’ Sacred Heart Basilica and sang to God.
The impromptu concert was in celebration of a successful venture in prayerwalking — “praying on site with insight.” But the Southern Baptist volunteers didn’t know yet just how victorious the week had been.
The volunteers had heard Belgium was not open to Baptists or to receiving the gospel. But, while there, they saw God was at work and that their visit had a purpose.
The recent effort kicked off a three-year partnership between Baptists in Belgium and Florida. “Every project we have planned is important, but prayer is the foundation that will make these other projects successful,” said Cliff Ingram, a Southern Baptist International Mission Board missionary working with the partnership.
Missionary Kathy Robinson didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare for the experience, but that didn’t dampen her enthusiasm. “I experienced real joy,” she said. “Everywhere we went, the Lord led us in what to say, what to pray and to whom to speak. I know these prayers will have a huge impact on this country.”
Walking and praying through Middelkerk, volunteers saw a transformation in attitudes. At first people ignored them as they offered tracts. But by the second day, people opened up some. “I could see God working just by the response of the people,” said volunteer Pat Iten of Hollywood, Fla.
During the week there, the team prayed for a little girl who was so sick the doctor had called in family members to pay their last respects. But when they returned home, the volunteers found a fax awaiting them with news that the child was healed. She was still being held in the intensive care unit — not because she was still sick, but because doctors could not believe what had happened.
“The girl’s family is assured, as we all are, that this is because of prayer,” Robinson said. “What a testimony to the power of prayer. God wanted an opportunity to show his power and love.”

Sprenkle is a Southern Baptist International Mission Board journeyman missionary assigned to the Caribbean Communications Center based in Hollywood, Fla.