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Volunteers urgently needed to drill wells, lead crusades

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–Southern Baptists hold the keys to unlock two immediate volunteer missions opportunities: drilling water wells in Indonesia and leading evangelistic crusades in South Korea. A series of individual volunteers or teams are needed in 1998 to help with a year-long project to drill 100 water wells in Indonesia. Each volunteer would stay from two weeks to two months, and wives may accompany their husbands on the project. The equipment for the project is already on site. For more information, contact the International Mission Board’s Volunteers in Missions Department: Betty Slate at (804) 219-1471 or Bob McEachern at (804) 219-1524. About 40 volunteers — or eight teams — are needed to help lead crusades May 13-26 in 20 South Korean churches. The project will be coordinated in conjunction with the Georgia Baptist Convention, which is involved in a three-year missions partnership with South Korea. Each team — consisting of a preacher, musician and witnesses — will work with two churches. For more information, call Wray Ivey or Judy Hensley, Georgia Baptist Convention, at (770) 936-5281. More than 17,000 Southern Baptists participated in volunteer missions projects worldwide through the IMB in 1997. For information about the variety of volunteer projects available to you, contact the Volunteers in Missions Department at 1-800-888-VOLS (8657).