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WMU’s online store unveils redesign, key improvements

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP)–Convenient shopping is just a click away for Woman’s Missionary Union customers at wmustore.com, WMU’s newly redesigned online store featuring more than 600 products and resources.

“One of the most exciting features is that customers can now order WMU products, books from New Hope Publishers and WorldCrafts items all from one store, wmustore.com,” said Jason Lite, WMU project manager and network administrator. “Prior to the redesign, WMU, WorldCrafts and New Hope stores were all on the website, but were three different stores within the site. Now they are all combined.”

The store offers a greatly improved search function, Lite added. Customers can search for items by author, title, category or subject. In addition, enhanced product information allows customers to learn more about a product before making a purchase. Each category also provides product recommendations and featured products with detailed information.

“The Web store is designed for both individual and church users to easily and quickly purchase their products and to use as a resource to discover related items of interest,” said Delores Jackson, WMU’s marketing director. “Those ordering for groups will especially enjoy the redesigned Web store because it allows customers to ship multiple subscriptions to multiple addresses.” Jackson noted that churches may now use LifeWay credit cards on the website.

Additional features include real-time pricing and inventory, special offers, the use of a shopping cart, a link back to wmu.com for more information and a user-friendly help page. A toll-free help line is dedicated to support the Web store should customers need personal assistance.

Web store shoppers will need to register and create a new account the first time they log on. And, as before the redesign, wmustore.com is a secure site.

“The look and feel of wmustore.com is very much like our home page, wmu.com,” said John-Mark Taylor, WMU’s webmaster. “The redesigned site is much easier to navigate and customers will find it is standardized like other book stores.”
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