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Zig Ziglar book among releases in January from Broadman & Holman

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Ten books, including one from motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, are being released this month by Broadman & Holman Publishers, the trade publishing division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The nonfiction releases are:

–“Zig Ziglar’s Life Lifters” by Zig Ziglar shares encouragement and hope on several topics, including attitude, love, inspiration, relationships, goal-setting and motivation. This is Ziglar’s 18th book on topics celebrating personal growth, leadership, success, faith and family.

–“Am I the One?” a new TruthQuest youth product written by James R. Lucas and edited by Steve Keels examines dating and marriage by asking the reader to discover who he or she should become before marriage. Lucas is executive director of the Relationship Development Center in Shawnee Mission, Kan.

–“The Young Man in the Mirror” by Patrick Morley instructs high school teens on how to live as Christians. Topics include how to get along in families, how to treat women, handling sexual temptation and discovering God’s will for one’s life. Morley is the author of the best-selling “The Man in the Mirror.”

–“At the Feet of Jesus” by Brian Shipman includes stories of biblical characters who turn to Jesus for help when their lives are at rope’s end. Each of these characters receives hope from sitting at the feet of Jesus.

–“Know Fear” by Ed Young Jr., senior pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, offers a clear, biblical perspective on the complex emotion of fear. Young gives practical guidelines for dealing with fear according to God’s will.

–“Pursuing God’s Own Heart” by Jerry Vines, pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla., is an account on the life of King David and how God can use Christians in incredible ways.


–“The Gathering Storm” by Frank Simon is about Barbara Post, a federal alcohol, tobacco and firearms agent from Texas who is assigned to investigate a militia movement brewing near the Great Lakes. She discovers the group is not made up of local dissidents, but former military members planning to assassinate the president.

Bible products:

–“The Gift: A New Testament for New Believers” is the latest edition of the Holman Christian Standard Bible for new believers. A 90-day devotional helps new Christians learn about the rewards and responsibilities of living in faith. This is the first HCSB release to include Psalms and Proverbs.

–“Holman QuickSource Guide: Atlas of Bible Lands” is a reference guide with geographical information about biblical events. Included are maps of the journeys of Abraham, the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, Joshua’s conquest of Canaan, Jesus’ birth and childhood, a day-by-day account of passion week in Jerusalem and the journeys of Paul.

–“Joshua” by Kenneth O. Gangel and Max Anders is a new book in the Holman Old Testament Commentary series that explains and interprets the biblical texts of Joshua. Each chapter includes quotes, illustrations, Bible exposition, principles contained in each passage, applications of that passage, a teaching plan and discussion starters.

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