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100 Percent!

Questions are often asked about Southern Baptists' claim that 100 percent of all gifts given to the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund are used for hunger with nothing taken out for administration or promotion. The answer is really quite simple.

Because Southern Baptists already have missionaries and volunteers on the field, the costs of administration are already covered. Those missionaries receive their support through the Cooperative Program, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for foreign missions, and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for home missions. The costs of promotion are paid through the Cooperative Program.

Many private charities spare no expense to project images of starving children into our living rooms. Meanwhile, an army of Southern Baptists missionaries and volunteers are hard at work doing that for which funds were given.

The distinctives of Southern Baptist hunger ministries are worth noting:

• 100 percent of all gifts received by the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund are used for hunger ministry.

• The gospel of Jesus Christ is foundational to the work of Southern Baptist hunger ministries. Aid is given unconditionally, but doors often open for sharing Christ.

• Southern Baptists are there for the long haul. Whenever possible, churches are planted and the gospel is shared.

• Whenever possible, Southern Baptist hunger ministries seek to develop independence rather than dependence through such projects as agricultural training or well drilling.

Consider these facts:

• $1 will provide food for a North Korean famine victim for one month.

• $1.05 will provide a 15 pound food parcel to a needy family in Washington, DC.

World Hunger Day is October 10. For more information, write The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, 901 Commerce Street, Suite 550, Nashville, TN 37203. Call (615) 244-2495 or check our web site at www.erlc.com.

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