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A Doctor’s House Call

Singapore is beautiful — and it's a great place for an international FAITH Clinic. My two partners and I talked about the affluence of the neighborhood as we were visiting door-to-door.

We rang the bell at the huge electric gate of a gorgeous Balinese home. The maid escorted us to another walled area where we were introduced to Dr. Lim, the delightful Chinese lady of the home. Mrs. Lim invited us inside and apologized that she was waiting for her husband, who was also a well known medical doctor, and that they were to soon be at a dinner engagement.

Mr. Lim arrived along with their thirteen-year-old son and all three listened intently as the gospel was presented finger-by-finger from the F.A.I.T.H. outline. We all then knelt on the floor, joining hands in a circle, as each of the three prayed aloud to receive Christ as their personal Savior. Immediately after standing, hugging, and rejoicing, Mr. Lim asked if we would return the next afternoon to speak to his brother, a visiting physician from England, and his sister. After which he requested the maid to take a group photograph, assigning it "the new family portrait."

The next day upon introducing us to his brother, Dr. Lim said to him, "My brother, I want you to be converted just as we were yesterday." It was a thrill to be in this same home sharing the gospel again, and remembering, regardless of country, career, affluence, ethnicity, or anything else people still search the same and Jesus saves the same!

Pastor David Packer of the S.B.C. International Baptist Church of Singapore and Steve Cretin followed up and the Lims began serving the Lord through that great church.

That was one house call where the doctors found the Great Physician! How many more homes would find healing and help if we were willing to make house calls with the Great Physician?

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  • Bobby Welch