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A Heart for the Lost and Setting Personal Goals

God desires to touch and change lives, and He does that through us. As you will see from this account by Mrs. Agnes Smith of Thomasville Road Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida, He will work through us — if we will just make ourselves available.

Several years ago our church became committed to soul-winning and offered evangelism training courses. My husband, Roger, and I took the training, and since, sharing the good news of Jesus has been a lifestyle for us both.

Let me share two stories from the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville last June. When we finished all of our responsibilities, we decided to tour the Country Music Hall of Fame. On arriving, a young lady met us and gave us a guide pamphlet. She was very friendly and began to talk to us about what we were dong at the SBC (we were still wearing our name tags) because so many had been coming in to tour the hall. We told her, and then I asked her if she knew how a person could go to heaven. She said that she went to AA and that she knew the Lord, but gave me a "works" answer. I asked her if I could share what the Bible says about how she could enter heaven, and she said, "Sure." I presented the gospel, and she indicated that she had prayed to receive Christ when she was a child. Then she said that she would find a church home because she knew she needed to be in church. I have found out since the Convention that she has had a struggle with drugs and alcohol from the time she was 14. I am so excited the Lord allowed me to share and encourage her back to church so that the Lord and His people can encourage her walk with the Lord.

The icing on the cake came when we had only twenty minutes to get out of our hotel room. They had already extended our stay to allow us to tour the Hall of Fame. Each day, as we left the hotel and as we returned, we greeted the shoeshine man in the lobby of the hotel. On that day, I knew that God wanted me to say more to him, so my group left me as I struck up a conversation with him. I asked him first about his day and if it been a good one. He said it had and told me all about the shoes he had done for all of the pastors.

He asked me what I did at the convention, and I talked to him a little about what Southern Baptists do at our convention. Then I asked him if he knew how people get to go to heaven. He began to cry and said, "I have wanted someone to stay long enough to share Jesus with me." He knelt down in that big lobby with everyone racing about and asked Jesus to come into his life. What a joy this was to see him so happy and ready to share with his wife about Jesus. I have called and talked to him since, and he is looking for the right church in the Nashville area where he can get involved. As I began to enter the elevator to go to my room, I realized that I didn't have a key, so I looked over at the desk. The lady behind the counter saw me and said, "You need a key to get to your room, don't you?" I told her I did, and as I began to give my name and room number, she said, "I saw what you were doing," and then she just gave me a big smile. God is good!

Our church's focus on soul winning has also blessed my Sunday School class — we have grown from eight to thirty-two in one year. How did we grow? We care, and we visit — we get out of the church and go.

I have a personal goal for this next year to win twenty people to the Lord and to do all I can to encourage them to be baptized. Bro. Bobby, I want to be a part of seeing one million people come to Christ and as for me and my family … We Can and We're It! Thanks for the challenge!"

We all can all be tools in God's hands to touch lives. I'm encouraging everyone to set goals for evangelism, determine dates for key events, and make commitments to baptize through:

1. Each church doing all they can to witness, win, and baptize.

2. Participating in two Associational Baptism Rallies, planned for anytime that works for your association.

3. Remembering the three Southern Baptist Convention Special Baptism Days: Thanksgiving, Easter, and the last Sunday in September 2006.

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  • Bobby H. Welch