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Many people tease me about my large number of favorite Scripture verses and favorite songs. I think it goes without saying that John 3:16 is the favorite verse of more people than we can imagine. This often quoted verse gives us a precious motivation for missions. In John 3:16, we see that our Lord is the Great Giver. In the phrase "so loved" we see the Great Motive. In the designation of the recipient of this love being the world, we see the Great Mission Field. By the way, it is followed by the Greatest Act, the Greatest Gift, and the Greatest Opportunity.

As we come to the season of increased emphasis upon international missions, let me state my unequivocal support for the work of our International Mission Board and the churches of our Convention in reaching this world for Christ. Let us pray like never before. Let us give like never before. Let us go like never before. Above all, let us not use a difficult economy as an excuse for a lack of passion and burden for the lost of this world.

During this season of giving, I encourage churches to commit that next year they will give even more to the Cooperative Program.

I encourage individuals to give even more to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions. This is how we support our missionaries who are sent from our churches all over this world.

Both our SBC president and our IMB president have challenged churches to adopt unreached people groups. I totally support this initiative. I also believe in the ongoing work. An increase in financial support for that ongoing work is truly the way to reach this world for Christ. Let us follow the example of our Lord in John 3:16 in giving like never before.

As a pastor for more than three decades, I told my churches that my family's largest gift at Christmas would always be to missions. I continue that practice even to this day. May God bless our Convention as we do what we can to reach this world for Christ. Let us be His heart, His hands, His voice—that all may hear!


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